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In action


Besides standard Edge Protection products, we offer the TAMMET Systems Catchfan as a further solution to improve the safety during High Rise Construction.

Throughout the construction process, the TAMMET System Catchfan will work as a safeguard 
against falling objects.




User Instructions:
Catchfan 4m and 6m
  • Full Training available upon request
  • Full technical support from planning to delivery
  • Absorbs the energy of the falling object to help contain the material
  • A full range of attachments to accommodate all shapes and types of construction
  • A double layer of net made up of 60x60 and a 20x20 overlay manufactured from polypropylene
  • Standard sizes of 6m and 4m project from the building 3.2m giving you the protection you need

TAMMET Systems Catchfan is manufactured to be fully compliant with European Standard EN-1263-1 Type T. This is capable of arresting a 100 kg mass twice on any part of the system from a 7 m drop height. 

Catchfan 4m and 6m