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TAMMET Systems Barrier

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TAMMET Systems Barrier

One of the market leaders in the manufacture of safety edge protection, TAMMET Systems has developed Barrier Systems for more than 20 years. 

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User Instructions:
Barrier 2.60m
  • Available in two sizes 1.30m & 2.60m.
  • Manufactured from high quality steel.
  • Coated in a range of colours, customised with company logos in order to satisfy any client’s requirements.
  • Its contemporary design is compatible with other systems and has been tested in accordance with BS EN 13374 Class A.
  • Specialised development has ensured compatibility with existing systems, providing versatility and customer value.
  • Light, yet durable temporary edge protection system. 
  • TAMMET Systems supplies its edge protection systems directly to the construction site.

TAMMET Barrier MK ll 1.30m  | Art. No. 2011311 | Weight 11kg | 1.3 x 1.15m | Powder- coated | Complies with EN 13374, class A. 

TAMMET Barrier MK ll 2.60m | Art. No. 2012611 | Weight 19.8kg | 2.6 x 1.15m | Powder- coated | Complies with EN 13374, class A.

Barrier 2.60m
TAMMET Systems Barrier 1.30m