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When you are looking for a safe and simple temporary bridge solution, the Passerelle is the way to go.

The Passerelle offers a robust, lightweight solution for temporary
bridging requirements.

With its anti-slip surface, it makes for an excellent solution for application in a variety of
site environments.

  • High integrated toe board
  • Lifting hooks for easy loading
  • Available in 4 different lengths
  • Anti-slip surface, safe in all weather
  • Stackable for easy storage and transport
  • Strong and lightweight aluminium construction
  • Fold away handrails for simple assembly and transport

Art. No. 5062002 | 2m | Weight: 72kg | Max distributed load 1850kg | 

 Art. No. 5062003 | 3m | Weight: 110kg | Max distributed load 1750kg | 

Art. No. 5062004 | 4m | Weight: 142kg | Max distributed load 1500kg | 

Art. No. 5062006 | 6m | Weight: 207kg | Max distributed load 850kg |

Passerelle 2m
Passerelle 3m
Passerelle 4m
Passerelle 6m