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A strong solution


This modular Stairway with its non-slip surface can easily be joined together to safely create longer spans.

The simple installation makes it popular on scaffold and concrete construction sites.

The Stairway provides quick access between floor levels and works well on embankment inclines and slopes, or as access into stairwells prior to the permanent stair installation.

User Instructions:
Stairway 70
  • Available in 6 sizes – 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 steps
  • Can be secured to concrete slabs or scaffolding
  • Safety handrails always remain parallel to the stairway angle
  • 15, 18 and 21 step stairways include an integrated vertical support to provide additional stability
  • Collapsible design feature, lifting hooks and removable folding handrails simplify transport and storage issues
  • Stair treads align horizontally to a range of pitch angles and easily lock once in position, offering safety and versatility
  • Available in 6 sizes, its compatible design allows for different sizes to be easily joined offering further access solutions 
  • A smart, adjustable stair design, which can accommodate a range of pitch angles, allowing rapid installation into any site
  • Stair treads manufactured using heavy duty mesh design, creating a non-slip surface ensuring strength and safety are not compromised

Every stairway has a total width of approx. 

800mm, the inner width being approx. 700 mm.

Stairway 70| 3 Step | Art. No.  5060003 | Weight 44kg 

Folded for use in transit : Stairway Length 1.27m | Handrail Length 1.64m

Stairway 70 | 6 Step | Art. No. 5060006 | Weight 68kg

Folded for use in transit : Stairway Length 2.10m | Handrail Length 2.45m

Stairway 70/9 | 9 Step | Art. No.  5060009 | Weight 92kg 

Folded for use in transit : Stairway Length 2.90m | Handrail Length 3.26m

Stairway 70 | 12 Step | Art. No. 5060012 | Weight 119kg

Folded for use in transit : Stairway Length 3.70m | Handrail Length 4.08m

Stairway 70 | 15 Step | Art. No.  5060015 | Weight 139kg

Folded for use in transit : Stairway Length 4.51m | Handrail Length 4.62m

Stairway 70 | 18 Step | Art. No.  5060018 | Weight 170kg

Folded for use in transit : Stairway Length 5.30m | Handrail Length 5.45m

Stairway 70