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elebia® The Automatic Hook

elebia e10

elebia® The Automatic Hook

elebia® The Automatic Hook

elebia® - the unique automatic crane hook that allows you to remotely attach and release the load with no handling.

How the safety hook works:

  • The elebia® automatic hook will boost the safety and productivity of your cranes
  • 1 The magnet attracts the ring 
  • 2 The magnet orientates the ring 
  • 3. The hook adjusts and elevates the load

Increase productivity, safety and comfort in all your manoeuvring operations. elebia® is the automatic hook of the future.

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  • Control multiple hooks
  • Export data via USB to spreadsheet
  • Alarms (overload, unbalanced weight...)
  • Increases productivity, safety and comfort
  • Allows you to attach and release loads remotely
  • Track and register every single event and operation
  • Indication of total weight and of each individual hook
  • Failsafe Design. Impossible to drop suspended loads