Site Safety Solutions.


Art No. 2012413


The Scissorgate is used to zone off areas quickly and with ease to protect site personnel and the public from potential dangers.

It has a robust design and multiple Scissorgates can be securely joined by bolts or by using the Scissorgate Link. It comes supplied with punctureless tyres to allow good mobility and easy movement across any terrain.

The Scissorgate is no push over and can withstand strong lateral force enhancing workzone safety. The concertina barrier extends to 2 metres and can retract for compact storage and simple transit.

User Instructions:
  • Lateral strength
  • Punctureless tyres
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • High visibility reflective strips
  • Zone off areas quickly and safely
  • Flexibility to link/bolt Scissorgates together
  • Compact design for easy storage and transit
  • Versatility of linked Scissorgates means areas can be zoned off in any shape

Expands to a maximum width of 2.3 metres | Weight: 55kg